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Securities Transfer


Giving to the DUT Kregse Corporate Advancement Project is an excellent way to invest in the social engagement of DUT.

If you intend to transfer securities or shares to DUT that are held in book entry form by a transfer agent, please contact the transfer agent directly to learn about requirements for transferring gift stock to the Durban University of Technology.

If your securities or shares are held in a brokerage account, the broker will require that you submit written instructions authorizing the transfer to the Durban University of Technology. After receiving the letter, your broker will be able to transfer the stocks directly to Durban University of Technology.

Be sure to send a copy of this form to Durban University of Technology Gift Securities team by fax at  (country code+27) 031 373 2090 or email to stock gifts to help ensure your gift is promptly recognized and acknowledged.


Gifts and grants are tax deductable in South Africa, UK, the US and Canada.

You will receive a South African Revenue Services (SARS) Section 18A TAX CERTIFICATE and receive BEE Scorecard Points for your contribution.