Funding appeal: One Meal, Once A Day

“One Meal, Once A Day” is the university’s dictum for a feeding scheme campaign to assist needy students across DUT campusses.

Global economic challenges continue to negatively affect food availability and food prices, rendering many households unable to feed their families, to the point of destitution. food schemeResearch shows more than 14 million people in South Africa are threatened by food insecurity. A distressing reality is the prevalence of food insecurity for scores of disadvantaged university students, including students at DUT. Particularly affected are students who do not qualify for financial aid, which means they are similarly unable to obtain support relevant to accommodation and meals.

Food insecurity has a significant impact on students academically, socially and emotionally; hence affecting their progress towards graduation. The university continuous to emphasize its approach of playing a positive role in the holistic wellbeing of students, not just in academic development. In line with this, the “one meal, once a day” project was conceptualized, providing needy DUT students with at least one meal every day. A swipe card system assists students with obtaining these meals from participating stores, while ensuring efficiency and transparency in managing the project.

Any contributions, small and big, will ensure this campaign continues to assist deserving students at DUT.

Ways to Give