Funding requirements: Arts, Drama and Television Production Project

Mansfield Project: upgrade of capabilities and equipment to enhance education outcomes in Arts, Drama and Television Production.


The DUT Department of Drama and Production Studies is housed in the historical Mansfield Building, built in 1911, on the Ritson Campus. This is one of DUT’s iconic departments with an auspicious history of national and world premieres performed in the theatre, such as People of Heaven, Mama Africa, Hamlet Deconstructed, and the ground breaking “05978321! Numbered”. South African premieres included West-Side Story, A Dance of the Forests, Conduct of Life and Coriolanus. More recently, an outstanding premiere of Lewis Nkosi’s “The Black Psychiatrist” was produced.  Additionally, a number of DUT student productions, such as La Conscientia and Fragmented Prisms, have featured at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival.


Details of funding requirements:


The University has already committed the bulk of funds required to update the primary facilities at Mansfield Building. This allocation unfortunately falls short of the total funds needed, to ensure that not just overall facilities, but also equipment and technological applications are aligned to changing teaching requirements. Additional funding will thus be applied to enhance capacity for significantly enhanced education outcomes in the drama programme. First and foremost, updated teaching facilities are to be aligned with international performance and technical standards for theatre and video productions. Furthermore, updated facilities will assist towards the departmental objectives of a specialized base for African drama and arts.


For further details about the Department of Drama and Production Studies please contact:

Professor Deborah Lutge – Head of Department: Television, Drama and Production studies
Tel: 031 373 2199
Fax: 031 373 2820
E-mail: debbiel@dut.ac.za
Area(s) of Expertise: Founder and Artistic Director of the R.I.T.E Co.; Durban Theatre Awards Judge; Script and Screen Writing; Internationally Experienced Director and Performer; focus on postcolonial productions.

Outline of Budget
Description Estimated Cost
Total estimated project cost 24 499 715.00
University Council contribution (14 499 715.00)
Contribution requested as SARS Tax deductible donation 10 000 000.00

Any contribution will qualify for:

SARS Section 18A TAX CERTIFICATE: Donor Deductible Contributions (delivered by courier).

BEE Scorecard Optimization: Claim BEE Scorecard Points for Contributions.
BEE scorecard points can be structured to offer optimum benefit. DUT is a Level-5 Contributor, 80% BEE Recognition.

A copy of the full proposal and project budget can be requested from the Vice Chancellor & Principal of DUT.


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