Funding requirements for the Green Environment Pledge: DUT Campus Carbon Footprint Reduction

DUT is an active participant of the Green Campus Initiative, supported by South Africa’s Higher Education and Training Minister, Blade Nzimande. The proposition is that university and college campuses which earnestly incorporate strategies to address climate challenges, can serve students better while adding to the global efforts to create a thriving, ethical society. 


The DUT Campus Carbon Footprint Reduction Program aims to practically apply education initiatives and research results around energy saving, developing and demonstrating sustainable energy practices on the various campuses. DUT’s leadership in this regard has been recognized, amongst others by renewable energy company Value SA, for the university’s efforts to decrease its carbon footprint.

In addition, the DUT Housing Committee recently scooped three awards for energy conservation. Initiatives also included launch of the Green Friday campaign and the first DUT “green” fashion show, to increase awareness of environmental and energy sustainability amongst students.

The Campus Carbon Footprint Reduction Program aims to:

  • stirling_energyReduce DUT energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Enhance education about energy issues, utilizing campus operations as a living laboratory to learn, research and innovate.
  • Establish a South African model of partnerships to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. DUT currently involves Eskom, SANEDI, private investors, students and parents in relevant projects.


Donations to support DUT’s environment initiative are reinvested in energy savings technology projects and associated innovations, on all DUT campuses, education facilities and residences. Long-term savings from this focus is anticipated to be significant, saving DUT several millions of dollars on energy each year.

We invite you to become a “green partner”, by giving towards the DUT Green Environment Campus Fund now!



Appeal for Gifts – Carbon Footprint Reduction

Steve Biko Campus (Durban)

R 8300 000

ML Sultan Campus (Durban)

R 6500 000

Indumiso Campus (Midlands)

R 4800 000

Riverside Campus (Midlands)

R 3900 000

Ritson Campus (Durban)

R 5800 000

City Campus (Durban)

R 2700 000

Any contribution to these initiatives at any campus will qualify for:

SARS Section 18A TAX CERTIFICATE: Donor Deductible Contributions (delivered by courier).

BEE Scorecard Optimization: Claim BEE Scorecard Points for Contributions.
BEE scorecard points. Points can be structured to offer all donors optimum benefit where applicable.

DUT is a Level-5 Contributor, 80% BEE Recognition.

A copy of the full proposal and project budget can be requested from the Vice-Chancellor & Principal of DUT

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