Funding appeal: Establishment of Steve Biko Student Centre

cooped5Durban University of Technology (DUT) offers high quality teaching and research programmes, within the context of regional and national development challenges. DUT constantly emphasizes commitment to community upliftment while producing superior academic outcomes.

The university’s campuses are seen as living and learning communities, encouraging congregation and interaction among students and faculty as a basis for intellectual, artistic and cultural exchanges. Modern communication capabilities, of internet access and associated facilities, enable students to interact globally with blended- and electronic-learning platforms.

Located in the beautiful cities of Durban and Pietermaritzburg, and with more than 25 000 students, DUT is a popular choice for many young South Africans.  In 2013, we received approximately 76,000 applications for the 6,300 places at freshman level.  About 23 000 students are classified as African, Indian and Colored, with an even gender split. DUT particularly serves a student body drawn from lower economic groups and deep rural areas.  More than 75% of the students are first-time participants in higher education in their families. Considerable financial resources are required to achieve objectives: In 2013 DUT distributed some R320 million in financial aid to approximately 50% of its students.

The diversity of students prevalent at DUT results in a vibrant, cosmopolitan university culture, but it is necessary to strategically address challenges of fragmentation. To support the required unifying culture, a Student Centre is planned, envisaged to be established on the Durban campus.

DUT WEBSITE PICS2The Durban location is thought to best serve the vision of bridging the historic divide between Steve Biko and ML Sultan campuses, in order to strengthen the university’s future identity.

Donations are herewith invited from any interested parties to support this project.

Other than playing a vital role in building the future of our students, contributions will qualify for various benefits, such as the following:

SARS Section 18A TAX CERTIFICATE: Donor Deductible Contributions (delivered by courier).

BEE Scorecard Optimization: Claim BEE Scorecard Points for Contributions.
BEE scorecard points apply in the codes 400, 500, 600 and 700, and for Qualifying Small Enterprises, code 800. Points can be structured to offer donors optimum benefit.

DUT is a Level-5 Contributor, 80% BEE Recognition.

For further information on the full proposal and project budget, please contact Professor Ahmed Bawa, Vice-Chancelor and Principal.  Email: vicechancellor@dut.ac.za


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