Bursary Appeal: Deserving Student Aid


Professor Ahmed Bawa, Vice Chancellor and Principal of the Durban University of Technology (DUT), appeals to individuals, past students (alumni), community members, industry leaders, companies and other stakeholders, to assist with much-needed financial support for deserving DUT students. The University’s undergraduate and graduate degrees in science, engineering and technology at multiple campuses in Durban and Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, are renowned. Furthermore, DUT has a proud record of providing quality education and practical skills to previously disadvantaged students, largely drawn from lower income groups and deep rural areas, and encouraging women into under-represented disciplines.

The education focus on under-privileged students is imperative to create much-needed employment in the region, but this has considerable financial implications. Annual costs for studies and accommodation per student exceeds R50 000, out of reach for students from challenging backgrounds. The University obtains financial aid for about 50% of students through government’s NSFAS funding. A limited number of students manage to secure backing from employers or other sources. Unfortunately, about 35% of deserving students do not have these options.

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DUT established the Bursary Fund/Student Aid Programme to assist talented students who do not have the means to complete or further their studies. Professor Bawa’s call for assistance is aimed at this group. Any level of financial assistance can make a difference; expanding higher education, creating opportunities for academic success and professional aspirations, to South African (and other) students historically left behind.

All financial pledges to the Durban University of Technology Bursary Fund/Student Aid Programme will benefit from:

SARS Section 18A TAX CERTIFICATE: Donor Deductible Contributions (delivered by courier).

BEE Scorecard Optimization: Claim BEE Scorecard Points for Contributions.
BEE scorecard points can be structured to offer you optimum benefit.

DUT is a Level-5 Contributor, 80% BEE Recognition.

A copy of the full bursary appeal can be requested from Vice Chancellor & Principal of DUT 

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